We understand that 2020 is a year, where everything is different. We literally ‘Entered the Unknown’. Nobody knew exactly what would happen. 

When the pandemic started, we had no idea if an INKOM could be realized. However, we are proud to say that despite the COVID-19 Virus the INKOM 2020 is still organized. We had to made a couple of changes, but we hope that you have an amazing introduction to your student life anyhow. And that you are willing to Enter the Unknown, with us.

Please read the text below, where we explain what we did to make sure of you safety during INKOM 2020.

Digital Platform

As a start we made sure that we partially digitalized the INKOM on a social platform. Our requirements?

Participants had to be able to interact with each other

Participants should be able to register for activities, for whenever ‘real life’ activities where possible.

The INKOM still had to be all about Fun!


All of these requirements were realized in the final platform for this year’s INKOM,

You can interact with each other, become part of digital groups and read a lot of information about the student life in Maastricht.

Also you can follow multiple digital events/life streams and workshops and register yourself for the Real life activities of INKOM 2020.

Real life activities

To make sure that you are safe, we have made a lot of adjustments to the real life activities. We are following the Dutch RIVM measures, which are applicable during the INKOM. If you would like to have more information about these measures, follow this link: Update.

Maastricht University has made a very clear description of what is applicable regarding Covid-19 at what time for which countries.

Please follow these measures during the events but also in private situations, for your health and for that of other participants.


Some of the adjustments that we made, are scripted bellow:

  • INKOM participants have to register for the real life INKOM activities on When you are not registered and when you don’t have a QR code, you may not enter the activity.
  • During the activities the INKOM organization provides the space to keep 1,5m distance from each other. For example, you have to sit down at the summer blowouts, you have to follow a route during the Welcome to Maastricht information market and the INKOM organization makes sure that there is a limited capacity on every location.
  • To make sure that there aren’t too many people for the location, the INKOM participants have to register for every real life activity.
  • On every location there is hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the activity.
  • There is hand sanitizer handed out to every INKOM participant during the registrations in their goodie bag.
  • The INKOM organization encourages the participants to keep 1,5m distance.
  • To remind the participants of the measures, the picture underneath is shown multiple times on every INKOM location.


COVID maat.png