For INKOM 2021, we need a lot of crew members! More info? Keep an eye on our socials or send an email to

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The Crew is usually a group of approximately 90 students who help the Workgroup INKOM during the annual introduction week. Crewmembers have varied shifts, from building up the Opening at the Markt, after which thousands of students normally enjoy the performances of DJs and bands, to selling merchandise at Beach Lounge while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the event.  Without the crew, the INKOM could not proceed as fluently and we highly appreciate all helping hands!

Of course, your help will be rewarded. Firstly, we organize free INKOM-drinks on every evening during the INKOM. Also, you are normally invited to the Pre INKOM Party on the Friday before the INKOM. On top of that, you get free access to the MECC parties and some tokens to spend at the biggest parties of the event!

The crew consists of various positions:                                                                 

General Crew

As a General Crewmember, your focus is on practical matters, such as the preparation and builddown of activities, helping with the BBQ or ticket sales or guidance during the Registrations. It offers a sneak peek behind the scenes of the organization of this versatile week, while you help to make the new students in Maastricht feel at home.


As a chauffeur, it is your duty to drive in one of the cars from the Workgroup INKOM. You will transfer people and small goods from one activity to another. We are looking for enthusiastic drivers, with experience in driving. Are you the driver we are looking for? Then sign up as a chauffeur!



During the INKOM we have an entire Press-team walking around at all of the activities to make sure all of the nice memories are captured. Within the Press-team there are several functions:

-      Editor

As an editor, you will be the real Social Media guru of the INKOM! In pairs, you will go to all activities and parties with a Smartphone. You will make funny, interesting and crazy posts on the INKOM Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Besides, you are partly responsible for the composition of the newsletter, which will be published and sent out each day during the INKOM. In other words, you will be a real INKOM-journalist!

-      Photographer


Together with a group of dedicated photographers, you will be responsible for taking pictures at various activities and parties during the INKOM. These pictures will be shown on the INKOM website and Facebook. Additionally, fascinating photos will be published in the newsletter that will be released each day during the INKOM. A requirement for this job is that you have to bring your own camera - preferably a single-lens reflex camera. If you are the enthusiastic photographer we are looking for, please sign up!


Interested in becoming a member of the Crew? Then register yourself and like the INKOM-Facebook page to stay up to date. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the treasurer Kirsten Geurtz by sending an e-mail to or call 0031(0)43-3885339. It is still uncertain how many crew members we will be needing this year, but don't hesitate to contact us so we can figure out what your contribution to INKOM 2021 can be!