CSR-declaration INKOM introduction week Maastricht

Based on this CSR-declaration, the INKOM introduction week Maastricht declares that sustainability and social responsibility are of high importance for the organisation of our events. Hence, one of the points of attention for Workgroup INKOM 2019 is to offer a significant contribution to the debate on sustainability concerning (student) life in Maastricht. As the organisation of the INKOM, we try to minimize our negative impact on the environment as much as possible.

The body of thought behind our efforts is twofold: on one hand, we try to decrease the ecological footprint of the INKOM, while on the other hand we try to increase awareness among students. In order to emphasise the importance of sustainability and CSR on the long term, we will annually appoint a new Sustainability Team. This will ensure that CSR and sustainability will remain to be a fundamental part of the organisation.

The following measures will be taken:

  • We primarily work together with companies from direct surroundings, in order to stimulate businesses in the event branch from the southern part of Limburg.
  • The organisation itself, participants and business relations will be informed about our Corporate Social Responsibility and our focus on sustainability. We will realise this through information on our website, in our newsletters, informing new members of the organization and visitors and participants on our events.
  • We always strive to take the inhabitants of Maastricht in consideration as much as possible. For instance, we invite them for several events of the INKOM and we aim to decrease our hindrance as much as possible. We distribute information letters about the events and we keep the level of decibels below the agreed maximum.
  • For specific events, we support small organisations and/or start-ups by giving them the opportunity to expose themselves on our events for a small financial contribution.
  • We constantly consider the environment by stimulating our partners to act socially responsible and sustainable. For instance, we use sustainable aggregates, fire extinguishers with an environment-friendly label and the use of eco-friendly paper for printed matters.
  • Waste separation is taken very seriously by the organisation of the INKOM. Each year, we collaborate with a waste processing company, which focusses on waste separation.
  • Lastly, the three busiest events are held in the MECC Maastricht. This event center proudly owns the Green Key certificate since 2010. The MECC is fully engaged in CSR and sustainability.

Maastricht, January 7th 2019

Emma de Groot

President Workgroup INKOM