INKOM Program

The program for INKOM 2021 isn't out yet! We are working very hard on it! Follow our Social Media to stay updated @INKOMmaastricht!

Welcome to the Digital and Real life program of INKOM 2020.

For the real life program, it is very important to comply to the RIVM measures this year. Due to these measures we have taken the capacity of our activities into account. To give all of our participants the space to keep 1,5meter distance, we kindly ask you to keep this in mind as well.

Because the INKOM is for over 3000 students, we have a lot of activities which are scheduled multiple times in the real life program. However, as a participant you can go to certain events limited times to ensure that every participant can visit the activity at least one time. Underneath you can find a list of ‘how many times you can attend which activities’.

For the activities organized by the student associations, it is still unclear how many times you can attend. This depends on the capacity of the student associations. However, we aim to give you the possibility to visit a student association at least 1 time a day.

During the INKOM week you can apply for all the activities at the official INKOM platform. Don’t worry, you will get an explanation of this platform and the application instructions in advance.

We can’t wait for INKOM 2020! Have you registered already?


How many times can you attend?

Welcome to Maastricht

1 Time


1 Time

Enter Maastricht

1 Time

Movie shift

1 Time

City Walk

1 Time