CSR-DECLARATION INKOM Introduction week Maastricht

By means of this CSR-declaration the INKOM introduction week Maastricht shows that sustainability and
corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance to the events. At the same time the
INKOM also wishes to make an active contribution to the sustainability ambitions of the Maastricht University
Zuyd University and the municipality of Maastricht. Therefore, one of the spearheads of the Workgroup INKOM 2022 is
To make an important contribution to the debate on sustainability within Maastricht (student) life.As the organization of the INKOM we try to limit the impact of the event on the environment as much as possible and to environment as much as possible and stimulate social connection between and with students.

The thinking behind our efforts is twofold: on the one hand we try to reduce the ecological footprint of the
INKOM and on the other hand we try to create awareness among the students. In order to always keep our
importance of CSR and sustainability at all times, a sustainability team will be appointed annually.
will be appointed annually. In this way, CSR and sustainability will also continue to play an important role in the daily management of the organization.
continue to play an important role.

Measures we take are:

  • We mainly work together with companies in the direct surroundings in order to find companies in
    the event industry of South Limburg to continue to stimulate.
  • The organization itself, participants and cooperation partners will be informed about the fact that we
    socially responsible entrepreneurship and are concerned with sustainability. We will do this
    through information on the website, newsletters, handovers and during our events themselves.
  • We always strive to take into account the Maastricht residents as much as possible. Thus we invite
    We invite them to various events and do everything we can to prevent inconvenience. Think
    This includes the timely distribution of letters concerning the event, but also adherence to the maximum allowed noise level.
    maximum allowable noise level.
  • At certain events we give small or starting organizations the opportunity to promote themselves at our event at a reduced rate.
    our event at a reduced rate.
  • We constantly take the environment into account by encouraging our cooperation partners to
    Our partners to act in a socially responsible manner and to work in a sustainable way. This includes the
    use of the right generators, fire extinguishers with an environmental label and printed materials that are printed on responsible paper.
    printed on responsible paper.
  • Physically bringing the items listed below is not allowed on INKOM grounds:
    a. Stickers
    b. Plastic balloons
    c. Confetti and other sprinkles
  • Waste reduction and waste separation is taken very seriously within the INKOM. For the events
    we use reusable cups as much as possible. We discourage the use of
    disposables and facilitate the separate collection of waste. Furthermore, we work with a waste processing company
    waste processing company that takes care of the recycling of waste.
  • Finally, we work together with MECC Maastricht, which has held the 'golden Green Key' label since 2010.
    The 'golden Green Key' label. They are fully committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
    entrepreneurship and sustainability.

12 January 2022, Maastricht
Floor Smits
Chairman, Workgroup INKOM 2022