Is your son or daughter about to start studying in Maastricht? Here is some more information about the introduction week for all new students


The INKOM Introduction week is organized with the aim of making your child feel at home in this new city. The INKOM is the main introduction week for all freshmen starting their studies at Maastricht University or Zuyd Hogeschool. During one week, 19th-23th of August, participants get to know the city and the Maastricht student life. The INKOM is organized by a group of 5 students, who are busy with the organization for an entire year. The INKOM participants, about 3000 in total, are being divided into different groups of about 10-12 people, and will be guided by two senior students, called mentors. These mentors will get obligatory instructions before the INKOM so that they will be perfectly prepared to guide a group of freshmen through the city during the INKOM. Next to these mentors, the organization works together with a lot of volunteers, as well as with the local government, the police and the fire brigade, to make sure that everything happens in the safest way possible. The main goal of the INKOM is to give all freshmen a perfect picture of the daily life of a student in Maastricht, by means of many cultural, sportive, festive and social activities and parties. To participate in the INKOM, freshmen will pay €74,- for the total package. This also includes a meal every day.


In all, participating in the INKOM is the perfect way for new students to get to know exactly what Maastricht has to offer!


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