What is the INKOM?

The INKOM is the general introduction week of Maastricht for all new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. INKOM 2019 will take place from the 19th of August until the 23rd. Right now, we are working on updating the website. Click here for an impression.

Become a mentor!

Participate in INKOM 2019?

Do you want to guide a new group of students around Maastricht during the INKOM of 2019? Become a mentor! The registrations have now opened, you can register here! More information? Click here!

Are you an upcoming student this year? Start your studentlife in the best way possible and join the INKOM 2019! You can now subscribe here!

Become Crew!

Inkom & Mecc parties

Are you a student from Maastricht University or Zuyd Hogeschool and are you interested in helping the organization of the INKOM? Do you want to meet other crewmembers at the crew drinks and receive free entrance to the MECC Parties? Join the crew! Click this link for more information.

Two big parties will be hosted during the INKOM: MECC Tuesday: Adventure Awaits and MECC Friday: Heineken Night. These parties will be on tuesday and friday in the MECC venue in Maastricht. Click here to visit the MECC Parties website!

The last news

Become a mentor for INKOM 2019!

Do you want to guide a group of new students around Maastricht during the INKOM 2019? Sign up as a mentor! Registrations are now open!

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