Business opportunities

Looking for a way to promote your organization among the students of Maastricht? Have a look at our brochure to see the possibilities and contact us!

The INKOM is the annual introduction week for all new students coming to Maastricht, which has been organized since 1990. The INKOM is the biggest student event in the South of The Netherlands with more than 7.000 participating students. The INKOM offers your company the unique opportunity to give broad exposure to your product or service under the student population of Maastricht.

The INKOM would not be possible without a close cooperation between the Workgroup INKOM and the business life. The options which the Workgroup INKOM offers you in the field of promotion may vary from flyers to advertising and from commercials to internet-links. We will distribute some publications to over 10.000 students, which will offer the option to not only reach freshmen but also older students.

Promotion opportunities

Do you want more information about the opportunities we have to offer? We would like to explain all options to you but we are also in for new ideas! So, if you are interested in promotion or sponsoring during the INKOM you can contact our president and vice-president.

Please contact: 

Emma de Groot

Workgroup INKOM 2019

Michiel Bosma
Vice President
Workgroup INKOM 2019