Logistics Team

Want to become part of the logistics team? Send an e-mail to logistics.inkom@maastrichtuniversity.nl!

During the regular INKOM, many events are spread across the city, from the MECC to the Market and from the Griend to the City Park. The events require a lot of time and energy from many people and these people also need their equipment for that. Just think of a bar without beer, a DJ without his technique and an artist without a stage. The Logistics Team is responsible for ensuring that all materials arrive at the right place and as such they form an essential part of the group of people who help make the INKOM possible.


Most of the week, the Logistics Team works from a script that indicates what, where and when. However, it is most enjoyable when not everything goes according to plan. At that moment, the Logistics Team itself must take action to ensure that all items still arrive at the correct location on time. Improvisation, setting priorities and close cooperation with the other INKOM teams, such as the Central Post and the Techno's have always led to a successful result. New challenges arise every day, which makes it even more challenging! The Logistics Team has a small army of trucks and vans at its disposal that can be driven with a normal B driving license, although some experience with larger cars can come in handy in the narrow streets of Maastricht. It is handy if you are in possession of a BE driver's license or are you interested in getting a BE driver's license, but it is not a requirement.


Registrations for Logistics Team for INKOM 2022 are open. Are you an enthusiastic and capable driver and would you like to help set up events with a capacity of 3.000-7.000 people? Contact Manou Visscher if you are interested: 043-3885337 or logistiek.inkom@maastrichtuniversity.nl.