Mentors registrations

Unfortunately, the mentor registrations for INKOM 2021 are now closed.

Have you not signed up yet, but would you like to experience the INKOM from a different perspective? Register NOW as a crew via our registration page and help us organize this mega event in exchange for some enjoyable rewards!

Will we see you in August?

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The INKOM gives every first-year student the chance to discover what it means to be a Maastricht student. It’s a fantastic week with unique activities and great events. Senior students also get the opportunity to relive their experiences: as a mentor!

As a mentor, you will be responsible for a group of 10 to 12 students together with another INKOM mentor. As a mentor, you answer their questions, you make sure that everyone can participate in (online) events, and you help them get to know the other students, so they have a great start to their time studying in Maastricht! Being a mentor will give you access to the digital INKOM platform. Besides that, you are one of the few students who have the opportunity to participate in the physical events! 


We, as Workgroup INKOM do not know in which form the INKOM will be organized this year. The final program will be presented around June, and It is not possible to deregister as a mentor after you registered.


Mentor Instructions

Once you are registered as a mentor, you are obliged to attend two mentor instructions. These instructions will ensure that you, as a mentor, will give your group the best start to their new student life in Maastricht.


If you have any questions you can contact our secretary Doris de Kok via email on or call 043-3885335.