Already a student?

Have you been studying in Maastricht for 1, 2 or 3 years, and still want to come to Summer Valley or one of our MECC parties, not as a mentor or volunteer, but really as a 1-day visitor? Then buy your tickets here!



During Summer Valley you will meet different student parties of Maastricht. On Tapijn you have the opportunity to enjoy different activities. Would you rather relax? No Problem, you can find a spot in the lounge areas!


CLICK HERE to buy your single ticket for Summer Valley!

PLEASE NOTE: Participants and Mentors do NOT need to purchase a separate ticket for Summer Valley!


We've transformed the largest convention hall in the Southern Netherlands into the biggest party of the week, just for you! During the night we bridge the gap to a great time during the INKOM! This night is filled with live performances by bands and a singers!


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