FAQ Participants

What is the INKOM?
The INKOM is the general introduction week for all students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. The INKOM usually is one of the most significant events in Limburg. Curious about the program? Check it out on our website under the heading 'INKOM 2021' at the program! Please note: for access to a large part of our events, we will ask you for a vaccination, recovery certificate or negative test result. During the INKOM, you will meet many new people, and you will get to know all aspects of Maastricht and its student life, such as sports, culture and student associations. The INKOM will take place this year from 16 to 20 August 2021.

Who is the INKOM intended for?
The INKOM is intended for all first-year bachelor and master students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. If you are a Master's student, you can indicate this when registering so that you will be placed in a Master's group. The INKOM is also frequently visited by international students, namely about 53%. This year you can indicate whether you would prefer to be placed in a Dutch or English speaking group. This is new, and for this reason, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that your preference can always be taken into account, but we do strive for this!

What does the INKOM cost?
Since the INKOM is different this year than in a regular year, many are still unclear about the registration fee. The registration fee of the INKOM is €55 plus €1 transaction costs. You get exclusive access to the digital platform for the registration price, an INKOM bag (richly filled with information about Maastricht student life), meals, and access to the physical INKOM activities.

Where can I register for the INKOM?
You can register from June 28 via the INKOM website. This year you can also pre-register. This means that you will be kept informed every month of all news and updates about the INKOM and the registrations! Please note: the INKOM has been sold out for five years in a row, so register as soon as possible!

Until when can I register for the INKOM?
You can register via the website until Friday, August 13 2021. During the INKOM, it is still possible to register yourself on Monday, August 16, provided the INKOM is not sold out.

How can I buy tickets for the MECC parties?
As a participant, you can buy MECC tickets through the regular registration system. Regular MECC ticket sales for mentors, external parties and seniors will start from 5 July, so make sure you are on time because gone = gone! Even if you later decide to buy a MECC ticket, you can adjust this via your account.

How is the INKOM dealing with the COVID-19 crisis?
To comply with all the rules of the government and the RIVM, we will have to work with vaccination certificates, recovery certificates and negative test results for access to our large-scale physical activities. Do you have questions about COVID-19 vaccinations? Check the Maastricht University page with various FAQs on this subject! As soon as more information is known about this, we will, of course, let you know.

Can I still cancel or get my money back after my registration?
It is impossible to cancel, cancel or get your money back when you have registered for the INKOM. We recommend that you only register for the INKOM if you are sure that you have been selected for your study.

What is there to do during the INKOM?
During the INKOM, you will get to know all aspects of Maastricht. Attention is paid to general information about the city and studying in Maastricht. In addition, you will also become acquainted with all cultural, sports, study and student associations in Maastricht. Attention is also paid to music, dance, cabaret, diversity and inclusiveness and many other relevant aspects for students. Together, this forms the INKOM the perfect preparation for your student days!

Is the INKOM a hazing?
No, absolutely not! The INKOM is a week full of fun activities to get to know new people and the city. The INKOM is a week full of information and activities and cannot be compared to an initiation. You are not obliged to attend all activities of the INKOM when you register. You choose yourself where you want to be.

I have a food allergy. Can I still participate in the INKOM?
Of course! Indicate during your registration what you are allergic to so that we can take this into account during all eating moments!

Where can I indicate that I am vegetarian/vegan?
When you register, you can indicate how you want to eat during the week: vegetarian, vegan or meat. We will, of course, take this into account!

I have a disability or chronic illness. Can I participate in the INKOM?
We do our best to make the INKOM as accessible as possible for everyone! Contact us at inkom@maastrichtuniversity to discuss what we as an INKOM organization can do for you.

What do I have to bring along?
It can be helpful to have the following items in your pocket: Cash, ID, debit card, credit card, insurance card, loaded public transport card, your INKOM ticket (paper or on your phone), your phone (including data connection) and a bicycle. In addition, a well-functioning laptop, equipped with a webcam and microphone, may be required if the INKOM is to take place in a more digital form. If you sleep with someone else, it is helpful to have the following with you: toiletries, a towel, enough clothes, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow, sportswear (if you want to participate in the Workouts), shoes that you can walk in for a week, an umbrella, raincoat and of course a good mood! If you stay overnight with someone, this is entirely at your own risk.

Where should I go if I need help during the INKOM?
If you need help and your mentors can't help you, you can contact the Central Post, which is open 24/7. The Central Post is located at the back of the UM Student Service Center, at 2 Bonnefantenstraat, on the Academieplein. You can also reach the central post at +31 (0) 43 388 53 35. In addition, someone from the Central Post is present at every INKOM event. You can recognize them with the mint green sweaters and polo shirts.