FAQ Participants

What is the INKOM?

The INKOM is the general introduction week for all the new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. The INKOM is usually one of the most significant events in Limburg. It is not clear yet, in what form the INKOM takes place this year. As Workgroup INKOM, we work with four different scenarios to make sure that there always will be an INKOM in August that fits within the Dutch government's measures. During the INKOM, you get to know many new people and learn about all the different aspects of Maastricht and its student life, like sports-, culture- and student associations! The INKOM takes place from 16th until 20st of August 2020.

Can I participate in the INKOM?

If you are a first-year Bachelor or Master student at Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool, you can participate during the INKOM! If you are a Master student, you can sign up for a Master group for the INKOM. The INKOM is also frequently visited by international students. This year, you as a participant can point out if you prefer the working language to be English or Dutch.

What are the costs for the INKOM?

Since the INKOM 2021 will be different from other years, the subscription fees' price is not known yet. Normally, subscriptions for the INKOM are €74,- plus €1,- transactions costs. The exact fees for INKOM 2021 will be published before the registrations for participants open around the beginning of June. For this fee, you will have access to the online INKOM platform, an INKOM bag (filled with all the necessary information regarding student life in Maastricht), a (daily) meal and access to the physical activities of the INKOM (if allowed by the government).

Where can I register for the INKOM?

You can register on the INKOM website from the beginning of June until the 13th of August. If the INKOM is not sold out before the start of the INKOM, you can also register on the 16th of August. Please note that the INKOM has been sold out for the past five years now, so register as soon as possible! 

Until when can I register for the INKOM?

You can register via the website until Friday 13th of Augusts 2021. You can also register on Monday 16th of August, provided that the INKOM has not already sold out.

Can I still cancel my registration or get my money back?

It is not possible to cancel or to get your money back when you registered for the INKOM. We advise you to only register for the INKOM if you are sure that you have been accepted for your study.

What is happening during the INKOM?

During the INKOM, you will learn all of the aspects of Maastricht. You will meet all cultural, sports, study, and student associations of Maastricht. There is also attention for music, dance, cabaret, the city, Diversity and Inclusivity and many other relevant aspects for students. 

Is the INKOM a hazing?

No, absolutely not! The INKOM is a week full of fun activities to get to know new people and the city. The INKOM is a week full of information, activities, and parties. It is absolutely not comparable to hazing. You are not obliged to go to all activities of the INKOM if you register. You choose where you want to go!

I have a food allergy. Can I still participate in the INKOM?

Of course! Indicate during your registrations what you are allergic to so that we can take this into account during all the eating moments!

Where can I let you know that I eat vegetarian or vegan?

You will be asked when you subscribe if you want to eat vegetarian, vegan or meat.

What should I bring?

It is wise to bring the following items: cash, ID, debit card, credit card, insurance card, charged OV-chipcard (for public transportation), your INKOM ticket (on paper or your phone), your phone, bicycle. Next to that, for INKOM 2021, it could be necessary to have a healthy functioning laptop with a webcam and a microphone. If you are sleeping elsewhere, it might be wise to bring: toiletries, towel(s), a sleeping mattress, a sleeping bag, pillow, enough clothing, shoes on which you can walk a whole week, umbrella, raincoat and of course your best mood!

Where do I go if I need help during the INKOM?

We are reachable 24/7. If you need help, please visit the Central Post at the backside of the Student Services Centre on Bonnefantenstraat 2. We are also reachable by phone: +31 4 33 88 53 35. Also, there are members of the Central Post present at every INKOM location; they are recognizable by their mint green/peppermint polos and sweaters.