Workgroup INKOM 2022

Every year the INKOM is organized by the Workgroup INKOM (WGI). The WGI consists of five senior students from Maastricht University or Zuyd Hogeschool. Starting in November, they put their study on hold to organize the INKOM for the new students of Maastricht. 

Bestuursfoto 2.PNG

F.l.t.r.: Floor Smits, Manou Visscher, Robbert van Esch, Evelien Kolen, Noortje van den Bergh

The roles within the Workgroup INKOM 2022 are divided as following:

President | Floor Smits  | 043-3885338


Vice President | Noortje van den Bergh  | 043-3885336


Secretary | Evelien Kolen  | 043-3885335


Treasurer | Robbert van Esch  | 043-3885339


Logistics Manager | Manou Visscher  | 043-3885337